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Tendon Laceration and Repair

What is a Flexor or Extensor Tendon Laceration?

The flexor tendons are located on the palm-side of the hand and allow the finger to bend. Extensor tendons are on the top side of fingers and help the digits to straighten. Laceration to any of these tendons resulting from an injury may cause loss of function and damage to surrounding tissue. The injury to the tendon may be a partial or complete tear.

What are the Symptoms of Tendon Laceration?

Symptoms usually involve a laceration to the finger or hand with difficulty or inability to bend or straighten the finger. Careful evaluation is needed to avoid permanent damage, especially in deep finger cuts.

How are Tendon Lacerations Diagnosed?

Careful examination is needed by an orthopedic hand specialist. Occasionally, imaging like X-ray or MRI is recommended to aid in the diagnosis.

What are the Treatments for Tendon Laceration?

For some minor partial tendon lacerations, splinting and other conservative treatment is indicated.  For most tendon lacerations, surgery is recommended to repair the injury.  Splinting and hand therapy are usually part of the post-operative recovery.