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Shoulder Fracture

Are you suffering from shoulder pain? The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint. Shoulder injuries can cause much pain and discomfort and severely inhibit your day-to-day activities. Shoulder problems can limit your mobility, impair your ability to get a good night’s sleep and reduce your overall quality of life. Consulting a shoulder specialist or orthopedic surgeon is usually the 1st place to start in your road to recovery.

Shoulder Fracture or Rotator Cuff Tears?

Are you suffering from a fracture or a rotator cuff tear? A fracture is a break in the bone, while a tear or sprain occurs as an injury in the soft tissue surrounding it. Shoulder pain can be caused by rotator cuff injuries that can be incredibly painful but aren’t broken bones. We’d love to give you a proper examination of the affected shoulder to see the focal source of your shoulder pain and determine whether you are suffering from a fracture or a tear.

Shoulder Fractures

Shoulder fractures typically result from a trauma such as a fall. If your shoulder injury is diagnosed as a fracture, there are many variables that we’ll consider. Here are some of the things that a shoulder surgeon here at Academy Orthopedics will help discover:

  • Is it a clavicle fracture? Also called the “collarbone fracture,” this is the long bone at the base of the neck.
  • Is it a scapula fracture? Also called the “shoulder blade” is the triangular bone found in the upper portion of the back.
  • Is it a humerus fracture? Considered the upper arm bone that connects to the shoulder.
  • Is the fracture displaced? This is when pieces of the bone are broken, and some of the fragments have shifted out of their original position.
  • Is the fracture non-displaced? This is the opposite of displaced; this occurs when your fracture stays appropriately positioned.

We’ll also have one of our orthopedic surgeons examine the cause of the fracture. Were you in a vehicle collision? Did you fall or experience another trauma?

No matter what caused your injuries, we’re committed to presenting you with the best course of treatment possible.

Academy Orthopedics Have Exceptional Shoulder Surgeons

Here at Academy Orthopedics, our board-certified physicians are experienced and skilled! They’re not just excellent shoulder doctors—they’re compassionate shoulder doctors. We consider our patients to be our family. This means we take a patient-first approach and will give the attention, facetime, and care you need.

Our shoulder specialists are experts in sports injuries, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, labral repair, biceps injuries, arthroscopic surgery, and shoulder surgery of all kinds– even total shoulder replacement if necessary.

No matter the type of shoulder injury you have, we’re committed to building the perfect care plan to get you well and whole. Our goal is to get you back to living your life and doing what you love most.

So, if you’re suffering from a shoulder injury, we’d love to help you in any way we can. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment to look at your shoulder. Let’s talk today at (770) 271-9857.