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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a powerful tool for pain management for our patients. A trigger point injection is the injection of a local anesthetic into a “trigger point” (or injection site) to relieve pain in the area.

What is a “trigger point”? A trigger point is an incredibly tender area of muscle that develops when that muscle contracts and sticks to itself. This occurrence is also known as fascia or myofascial. You may hear terms like “myofascial pain” or “myofascial trigger point.” Another common name is “knots” because they’re a lump under the skin.

If trigger points aren’t handled properly, they can be a source of ongoing pain in the area they occur. It doesn’t stop there; in some cases, a trigger point can cause pain in other parts of the body if it affects nerves nearby (you’ll often hear this called “referred pain.”)

Why Use Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger point injections are a great way to offer pain management to people who suffer from pain caused by trigger points, especially those who haven’t found any other ways to manage or deal with myofascial pain. Trigger point injection is usually used when things like physical therapy and pain medication are lacking.

Trigger Point Injections – Why, Where, What, and When?

Some suffer from chronic pain caused by joint disorders, poor posture, muscle injury, or even conditions that lead to undue stress on their muscles.

Certain medical conditions often use trigger point injections to manage pain. If someone suffers from fibromyalgia, tension headaches, or myofascial pain syndrome, trigger point injection is often a part of their care plan.

Here are some common places where people get trigger point injections.

  • Neck
  • Upper and lower legs
  • Upper and lower arms

A trigger point injection procedure is a short procedure and takes a few minutes. Depending on your specific reason and injection site, you may receive additional injections.

Academy Orthopedics is Your Trigger Point Injection Specialist

Here at Academy Orthopedics, we understand that you are in pain, and we’re here to help! We strive to provide a patient-centered experience for you and give you the care you need with lower wait times and a personal touch.

We consider our patients to be our family. We are the best when it comes to identifying your issue, assessing the situation, and building the perfect, personalized care plan for you. When you get your trigger point injections at Academy Orthopedics, you’ll be feeling great and can get back to living your best life and doing the things you love.

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