Non-Surgical Pain Management Options for Hand & Wrist Pain
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5 Non-Surgical Pain Management Options for Hand and Wrist Pain

5 Non-Surgical Pain Management Options for Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and can impact your quality of life exponentially. We understand that not being able to use your hand or wrist in the same way you once did can be frustrating. If you are experiencing pain you may need to see a hand specialist in Duluth, GA for treatment.

There are several treatment options available. One of the most common questions a hand specialist in Cumming, GA gets is whether or not there are non-surgical pain management options.

The answer is yes.

You should keep in mind that non-surgical treatment is almost always advised at first.  Surgery is usually a last resort. Let’s explore some non-surgical options first.

1.  Rest

The first thing that a hand specialist in Duluth, GA will recommend is for you to rest your wrist or hand.

You should avoid any irritating activity. You can also use a sling, splint, or straps around the wrist to reduce pain during use. This will help keep the wrist in place and allow you to still do some basic daily activities.

Use your wrist on an intermittent basis for small tasks, that way your tendons and joints stay moving and do not get too stiff.

2.  Bracing

Bracing will allow a hand specialist in Cumming, GA to rest the joint and allow injuries time to heal. In addition, bracing can alert others around you of a potential injury or pain.

3.  Exercise

Exercise is important for every aspect of your health and wellbeing and your wrist is no different. A hand specialist in Duluth, GA will be able to help you find exercises that promote healing.

A common exercise used to help with wrist and hand pain management is using loads. This requires using a small load and repetition of the motion. This may require the help of hand specialists in Cumming, GA as the load amount and repetitions will vary.

Eccentric exercises elongate the muscles under the tension which promotes tendon healing and decreased inflammation.

4.  Medications

In some circumstances, you may be able to take medication to relieve pain such as anti-inflammatories. A hand specialist in Duluth, GA will be able to determine whether this is the best route for you to take.

5.  Injections

A hand specialist in Cumming, GA may find that the best option for you is to receive an injection in the affected area. You may feel relief from one injection while in some cases you may need several.

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