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5 Non-Surgical Pain Management Options for Hand and Wrist Pain

hand specialist in duluth

Hand and wrist pain can be caused by a variety of reasons and can impact your quality of life exponentially. We understand that not being able to use your hand or wrist in the same way you once did can be frustrating. If you are experiencing pain you may need to see a hand specialist

What Are the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

what is carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is when there is pressure on the median nerve. When your median nerve is compressed, you will experience tingling and numbness in the arm and your hand. If you are experiencing such discomfort already, it could be possible that you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. To better understand your current condition and

3 Non-Surgical Options an Orthopedist in Cumming, GA Can Provide for Pain

orthopedist in cumming, ga

We know that pain can be debilitating and life-altering. You may be scared and apprehensive to see your doctor because they may suggest surgery. However, an orthopedist in Cumming, GA can provide non-surgical options to help with pain and discomfort. Depending on the status of your condition your options may vary. Let’s discuss three non-surgical

How to Find an Orthopedist in Duluth, GA

Another way to find an orthopedist in Duluth, GA is by reading patient reviews as this can provide insight into how they operate.

You have finally come to the difficult decision of seeking help from an orthopedist in Duluth, GA. Your pain has been unbearable and you have tried it all, you have met with your primary care physician and they have suggested an orthopedist. Now, the question remains how do you find an orthopedist in Duluth, GA? 

6 Signs It May Be Time for Orthopedic Surgery in Duluth, GA

orthopedic surgery in duluth, ga

The last thing you want to do is go through orthopedic surgery in Duluth, GA and we understand it can be difficult to think of. You may be in pain whether from a condition or an injury. You may have a demanding job that requires you to do a lot of physical activity and movements.

Hand Surgeon in Duluth, GA: 6 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain

hand surgeon in duluth, ga

Hand Surgeon in Duluth, GA: 6 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain Hand and wrist pain can change your life drastically. This pain can lead to other health complications like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Although some conditions cannot be prevented due to other risk factors there are preventative measures you can take for

When It’s Time to See a Shoulder Surgeon in Cumming, GA

shoulder surgeon in cumming, ga

Each year we see countless individuals who are suffering from shoulder injuries and pain. Many patients have tried to avoid seeing a shoulder surgeon in Cumming, GA but they may reach a point where that is no longer an option.  A shoulder injury can change the way you complete a lot of your daily tasks.