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Cold Weather Aches & Pains? Which Doctor Should You See For Shoulder Pain?

Cold Weather Aches & Pains? Which Doctor Should You See For Shoulder Pain?

For Shoulder Pain Which Doctor

If you have ever noticed that your aches and pains become worse during cold weather, you are not alone. There are reasons why this happens to many people. During cold weather, pain is exacerbated. When you have shoulder pain, it can make even the simplest task hard to manage. You may find it difficult to get dressed, drive, lift things, and even shower. These daily activities quickly become almost impossible if your pain increases during cold weather. You may be wondering for shoulder pain which doctor should you see? Well, the answer may depend on your symptoms.

Reasons for Shoulder Pain in Cold Weather

There are a few common reasons why you might experience shoulder pain during the cold winter months. The first reason is an increased sensitivity to the weather. If you have an underlying condition or old injury, you may notice it is more sensitive during the cold weather. The lower temperatures can also bring on stiffness in your joints. Another reason you may notice increased pain is the change in barometric pressure caused by cold weather.

The cold weather can also cause body stress. If you are of older age, colder weather can become especially draining. When it is cold outside, you may be inclined to stay indoors and cut back on the number of things you do. This lack of activity might also be a cause of increased pain. Not being active can actually lead to body aches. If you are wondering, for shoulder pain which doctor you should see, starting with your primary care physician first is wise. They may later refer you to a specialist, depending on their assessment.

Shoulder Pain Can be Worse at Night

You might also experience shoulder pain that is worse at night. The reason behind this is that your shoulder and the area around it are more compressed during the night. For example, if you lay on your side, this is putting pressure on your shoulder. You may feel numbness, tingling, and even muscle spasms.

Avoiding Shoulder Pain Caused by the Cold

You can do some low-impact exercise during the winter months and cold days. One example is stretching your shoulders to avoid an increase in pain. Heat therapy during the cold mornings can be very beneficial. Ensuring correct posture is also very helpful.

Which Doctor Should You See for Shoulder Pain?

Knowing which doctor to see for your shoulder pain can be difficult. If symptoms are minor, usually starting with your PCP is best. If you have been injured you should seek immediate attention. Also, if symptoms are more severe or from a new injury you should seek specialty care from a board certified orthopedist.

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