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Hand Surgeon in Duluth, GA: 6 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand Surgeon in Duluth, GA: 6 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain

hand surgeon in duluth, ga

Hand Surgeon in Duluth, GA: 6 Ways to Prevent Hand and Wrist Pain

Hand and wrist pain can change your life drastically. This pain can lead to other health complications like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Although some conditions cannot be prevented due to other risk factors there are preventative measures you can take for some. 

If your condition worsens you may have no other option than to see a hand surgeon in Duluth, GA. Let’s explore some of the ways you may be able to prevent hand and wrist pain. 

1. Keep Your Hands Warm

This may sound silly and irrelevant but it has been found that people who work in cold, air-conditioned environments are more likely to develop hand pain and stiffness. Keep your hands warm and keep your office space cold but not too cold. This can greatly decrease your hand and wrist pain. 

2. Reduce Your Force

For those who are often using the computer and need to type for hours at a time, there are things you can do to help you avoid seeing a hand surgeon in Duluth, GA. 

For one, hit the keys softly without too much force. The more force you use the more your hand and wrist are being used and will succumb to pain. If you can,  spend more time writing by using a big pen with a grip adapter and free-flowing ink. This combination helps prevent hand and wrist pain. 

3. Take Frequent Breaks

If you are constantly using your hand and wrist, try to take breaks as often as possible. This gives your hand and wrist time to rest in between tasks. You should also gently stretch and bend your hands and wrists from time to time. This will help with movement and help prevent pain. 

hand surgeon in duluth, ga

Working on a computer that requires a lot of wrist movement is one of the leading causes of carpal tunnel. This condition can quickly lead to needing a hand surgeon in Duluth, GA. 

4. Watch Your Form

In everything we do, we must watch our form to ensure we do not hurt ourselves. Academy Orthopedics understands this which is why we suggest you avoid bending your wrists up and down constantly. 

You should aim for a relaxed middle position. Position your keyboard at elbow height or slightly lower. Keeping this form can help you be more comfortable while completing tasks on the computer. 

5. Improve Your Posture

Posture is crucial to your spine health but it also affects your hands and wrists. Incorrect posture can compress the nerves in your neck among other health complications. Like a domino effect, this can lead to your shoulders rolling forward and causing pain in your fingers, hands, and wrists. Use correct posture at all times. 

6. Change Your Computer Mouse

You will need a computer mouse that promotes wrist and hand health. If you notice that your mouse is causing strain to your hands and wrists you should look into a new one. Unnecessary strain to your wrist can lead to pain. 

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