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6 Signs It May Be Time for Orthopedic Surgery in Duluth, GA

6 Signs It May Be Time for Orthopedic Surgery in Duluth, GA

Orthopedic Surgery in Duluth GA

The last thing you want to do is go through orthopedic surgery in Duluth, GA and we understand it can be difficult to think of. You may be in pain whether from a condition or an injury. You may have a demanding job that requires you to do a lot of physical activity and movements. Your body can take a beating and you need to take care of yourself. 

Whatever the cause is, there are signs you should look out for. Especially signs indicating that surgery is inevitable. 

1. Tingling and Numbness

Numbness and tingling are common among people who have carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a clear sign that there is a problem going on with the nerves. If you feel numbness or tingling in any part of your body you should see an orthopedic surgeon. There may be ways to decrease the numbness and tingling in your body. 

2. Trouble Climbing Stairs

Joints in the knees and hips will begin to naturally deteriorate over time with old age. However, if the joint pain becomes unbearable to the point where you can no longer complete daily tasks you will need to seek out orthopedic surgery in Duluth, GA. Signs that you have reached that point include having trouble climbing up the stairs, trouble walking, and even trouble getting out of chairs. 

3. Shoulder Pain

You will need to see an orthopedic surgeon if you are experiencing shoulder pain that is worse at night and increases with movement. 

orthopedic surgery in duluth, ga

An orthopedic doctor will exhaust all other options before suggesting an orthopedic surgery in Duluth, GA. You may also experience tenderness near the joints. This is not excluding your shoulder and can affect your elbow, heel, and wrist. 

4. Painful Joints

Chronic pain in any part of your body needs immediate medical attention

In fact, chronic refers to any pain or condition lasting between three to six months or pain that never goes away. Chronic pain will also bring with it swelling and inflammation around the joints. 

Painful joints may be a sign of arthritis which is common as we age. There are other risk factors that can be the culprit such as excess weight and overexertion. 

5. Twisted Ankles

This may not sound like a serious condition that requires orthopedic surgery in Duluth, GA but if left untreated the condition can spiral out of control and become worse. You can experience a strain or twisted ankle from simply walking on uneven ground. If you twist your ankle and the pain and discomfort are persistent you will need to seek help from an orthopedic doctor. 

6. Swelling 

After a fall or injury, the problem area may become swollen and bruised. This can often go away on its own with some ice and rest. However, if the condition is not treated and there was an underlying issue you will only be in a worse condition. After an injury, you should always seek medical attention. Take note of any changes that occur in the area of injury. 

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