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Do Amateur Athletes Need Ortho Doctors? YES, They Do!

Do Amateur Athletes Need Ortho Doctors? YES, They Do!

Ortho Doctors

When you think about athletes and the amount of physical demand placed on their bodies while playing sports you can’t help but be concerned with the injury risks. In fact, injuries don’t necessarily have to be from playing competitive sports. They can happen from accidents and training programs too. Also, it is inevitable that at some point in an athlete’s career they will need medical care from a trained professional. Ortho doctors are exactly the kind of medical professionals every amateur athlete should see in the event of an injury.

What Are Ortho Doctors?

Ortho doctors focus on diseases and conditions that affect your musculoskeletal system. As a matter of fact, your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and nerves all serve as important aspects in the proper functioning of your body. Ortho doctors are sometimes referred to as orthopedic surgeons and their primary focus is to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions, assist in rehabilitation, and form strategies to prevent injuries from worsening.  

It is a given fact that the more active you are the greater chance you have of developing sports-related injuries. Amateur and professional athletes alike are not immune to injuries like:

Ankle sprains


Knee and shoulder injuries


Exercise-induced asthma

Heat illness


Eating disorders

Cartilage injuries

The best course of action to take is to seek medical attention from either an ortho doctor or sports medicine specialist. Sports medicine specialists are also quite knowledgeable in terms of preventing injuries and illnesses too. Between sports medicine specialists and ortho doctors, there are plenty of treatment options that both are equipped and trained to perform on athletes.

When To See An Ortho Doctor?

Should you be experiencing pain or swelling in a bone, joint, or muscle that will not improve with at-home treatment, a significant decrease in mobility or range of motion in a joint, trouble performing your daily activities, nerve-related symptoms like numbness and tingling, or an injury to a bone or joint it is advised that you seek medical care as soon as possible.

Ortho doctors specialize in this area for a reason, as they must complete up to 14 years of education and training.  You are looking at an undergraduate program in college, medical school, and residency focused on orthopedics. To verify the candidate is proficient enough as well, they must pass an examination too.

The bottom line is amateur, and professional athletes all need ortho doctors. These doctors are an athlete’s best chance at recovery and having the ability to get back out to the playing field, court, rink, or whichever venue applies to you and your sport. Finding an ortho doctor is as easy as asking your primary doctor for a referral.

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